Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mayaguez, Cabo Rojo, Cayo Caracoles(La Parguera)

(Puerto Rico - means rich port)

Wow! I can't imagine that we are in Puerto Rico(PR), sometimes I wake up to look around and it seems so surreal, just like its a dream and am going to wake up and find myself back in Jacksonville. So far we are all liking PR, people are very friendly, we can buy in dollars and we obviously cannot complain about the cheaper gas prices compared to the Bahamas, nor about the availability of US chain stores...

In Mayaguez, we did a lot of walking, we went to the city center and saw the stature of Christopher Colombus, then we went to a USDA research center and saw lots of trees and learnt about the research they were conducting there. We met a few locals that we interacted with, everyone was very polite. We also walked to walmart, some auto store for glue, shoe carnival to get crocs for Jordan and JC Penny, I was looking for shorts.

We have been practicing our Spanish language, on one of the days that we had gone to the city, on our way back Jordan,he is so cute boldly waved at some people that were sitting on the dock, "hasta luego," lol children they are so courageous! I was so impressed that he knew when to use the new words he'd just learnt.

At Cabo Rojo, we stayed one night and visited a light house, I was having a migraine so I stayed on board and slept but the boys had fun on land finding rocks and "gems".

Cayo Caracoles was my absolute favorite anchorage, we got to tie on a mooring ball in completely empty anchorage, we met many people from the main land(US) vacationing here. The water was clear and just peaceful it was a wonderful place to visit. The boys enjoyed snorkeling and swimming, Jordan was even more thrilled that he got to swim because he has not been able to swim for almost 4 weeks from a serious cut he had on his index finger. The finger looks awesome but we are still keeping an eye on it we don't want any infections.

At Cayo Carocoles, we were treated to a wonderful nature preserve with mangroves, picnic tables, bathrooms etc We were able to stretch our restless legs, we however, did not venture to town. In the evening, the boys took the dingy and went to Bahia Fosforesente, they said it was an amazing sight, the water was glowing with all those creatures that make the water turn blue. Mirek even jumped in(what a brave man!)

Today, we left Cayo Carocoles, heading to Salinas but had to stop at Ponce because the seas were quite rough and it was getting late so we decided to tuck into Ponce.  We will see what tomorrow brings. We look forward to arriving in Salinas as we hopefully will get a chance to rent a car for a few days and go visit the dry mountain and the wet mountain(more on that to follow, it could also be the dry mountain and the wet). Right now there are a few boats anchored here, we noticed one boat that had two kids, the boys are watching some movies.

We are grateful to be here and wish we could see our friends on Lady J again and maybe we will. We are also grateful that everyone is well, boat is behaving and everything is ok.

Buenas noches mis amigos!

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