Sunday, January 11, 2015

Greetings from Lee Stocking Island

We took of yesterday from Blackpoint and sailed about 25 nautical miles to Lee stocking Island. Blackpoint was a wonderful place to stay, we enjoyed conch at Lorraine's restaurant and bread from her mom's house...

Our passage from Blackpoint to Lee stocking was good, the seas weren't flat so there was a lot of rolling which lead to Jordan getting sea sick and loosing his breakfast, but he was a great sport and finished his math work. Anthony struggled with nausea all the way but handled it like a man while studying math and Latin, and I amazingly did not get sea sick and am the one who has always been sea sick, needless to say I was very happy.

We arrived at Lee stocking Island at around 2PM to find about 10 other boats  anchored here. As we were anchoring, one of the cruisers came and told us that there was going to be a get together on the island and that we were welcome to join them. We told them we'd stop by. In the meantime, Mirek and my brother in-law got on the dingy(dingy is to us as a car is to someone living on land, that's what we use to get to land) and went lobster hunting.  A couple hours later they showed up with conch, lobster and fish, it therefore suffices to say we are going to be enjoying some sea food today.

We did make it to go ashore to socialize, we met cruisers from the US and some from Canada. There were two families with kids, one family had two girls and the other had one girl. They were adorable.

The one interesting thing about Lee stocking Island is that it used to be a marine research center that was in full force operation but due to lack of funding was shut down and now no one lives here. The grounds are well taken care off so we are assuming there is a caretaker that comes once in while to make sure things are clean. The boys love it because they can climb trees, run and do the things that boys do...

I think our next destination is Georgetown but we will keep you posted...Have a wonderful Sunday...

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