Monday, January 12, 2015

Georgetown - 2nd time around

Right before christmas we had made our way here to await the arrival of my brother-in-law who was arriving from Europe. After his arrival we made our way back up North to sight see some of the islands we had missed on our way to pick him up. Now we are back to Georgetown to see him off, whaaaa! We miss him already:)

SO yesterday was an interesting day at Lee stocking island to say the least…I will spare you the gory details but our youngest crew member’s hand came in contact with a machete and he sustained a cut on his left index finger…Our poor booboo it must have been such a shock and am sure it hurt like crazy. Lucky for us while exploring the island we had met up with the crew of Sailing Vessel(S/V) MOMO and S/V Sheila and the 1st mates Amie and Tracy respectively, happened to have experience in the medical field and they sure did save the day. Amie and Tracy came over to our boat and calmly told us what to do and helped us bring the situation under control. We are so grateful that they were around and appreciate all that they did to help us. We hope to cross paths soon with them.  

Because of the issue with Jordan’s finger, we decided to leave for Georgetown so we could see a doctor as well as get my brother in-law closer to the airport.  Our sail to Georgetown was rough! and I mean rouuugh!! As we approached the cut I secretly hoped Mirek would suggest to turn around but to my dismay he plunged right ahead, as we left the cut(Rat Cay Cut) we all thought the waves would dissipate but OMG! some of them were humongous.  We saw 7-8 swells and one big one went over our salon hatches and we got sea water into our salon yikes! I would say I hope I never see that again but it would be false hope but for now I do hope I don't see another one like that one.  Jordan slept all the way to Georgetown which was good because we need him to move less for the sake of his finger.

 Right now we are anchored in a quiet bay at Georgetown no winds no swells, just peaceful surroundings,we are grateful to be here and to be safe. 

See you on the next blog...

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