Friday, January 16, 2015

Long Island

We have spent the last few days in Georgetown provisioning, relaxing, nursing a wound, studying and socializing. We met a few more cruisers and  caught up with some of the others that we had met during our first time visit to Georgetown. Jimmy from Axion helped splice the lines that make  our bridle so now we have  a spanking brand new bridle, thank you Jimmy! We were also able to fix our engines so they can start now without running below to wiggle the connectors, we hope the connectors behave continue behaving. Our leaking hatches were also fixed and hope everything stays dry going forward.

We had a great sail from Georgetown, the winds were blowing 15-20 knots from the Northwest which set us up for a nice down wind run. We were hoping to make it to Rum Cay but because we left a bit late from Georgetown we had to tuck in at Long Island for the night since we did not want to be arriving in the dark.  On the way we saw the most amazing clouds, they had sort of a green color to them it was amazing.

We are currently anchored in a very rolly anchorage, there is some surge but the winds are supposed to change and die down early morning so we should be able to enjoy the anchorage once the conditions mellow down. One very positive point about the anchorage is that there seems to be decent internet so we have been able to respond to emails and take care of some "stuff" while we have internet.

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