Monday, January 19, 2015

A Day of Many Firsts and Lasts

Today was a special day. Many things happened that we will remember.
  • We crossed the Tropic of Cancer (located at 23 degrees and 30 minutes). This is the highest point where sun comes (earth tilts) before it goes back south. This is the first time that we sailed into a true “tropics”. From now on the weather will remain pretty much constant. (and tropical). 
  • Today we have done our first true ocean overnight passage. We travelled around 150 miles, had watch schedule, did our offshore night readiness gear etc . . . 
  • We are getting the feel of real offshore cruising for the first time. The huge swells that pick the boat up and then take her down. The hour after hour of dealing with boat motion, which does not seem to stop soon enough - cooking, showering, studying - all under way - no more waiting a few hours until we are safely at anchor.
  • Today for the first time we caught a Mahi-mahi fish. 2 of them ! ! ! It was fun fighting them. They would leap into the air as we were reeling them in. We started the grill and ate one fillet of one fish (there is enough for 4 meals). It was delicious! I always wanted to catch a mahi as they look so awesome and taste awesome too.

  • We also have some sad news. Our friends from Jacksonville on another Manta catamaran, that travelled with us ("Lady J”) decided to abandon traveling south due to some issues they are having with their boat. For many months we dreamed how we are going to plow the oceans together, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. We really miss their guidance and wish them the best on their coastal adventures in the Bahamas and US. In light of this event we spent a lot of time discussing our plans “solo” and what we want to accomplish and where we can go. One thing we all agree - we don’t feel like we are done cruising and exploring new worlds, so stay tuned to see where the journey takes us.
  • Also today we have reached the “End of Bahamas”. This place is amazing, and it is with mixed feelings that we will bid adieu to the Bahamas in order to explore other countries. I wish that we will have many future opportunities to explore these beautiful islands again and again.

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