Monday, November 24, 2014

St. Augustine to Daytona

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out the whole day but we had strong breeze directly from the south (which is the direction we are going), so we motored all day down the ditch (the ICW). Since yesterday, another boat called "Proud Mary" came behind us and stayed with us all day yesterday (anchored next to us) and all day today. Let's see if they attach themselves to us again tomorrow.

So we were exactly 1 day without any boat projects and before we started opening our spare parts bins and rummaging for parts. One of our engine started reporting that the alternator is not charging (It sometimes does that) and it would always go away when you wiggle some wires on the alternator (yeah I know - quite the remedy) - so after it started beeping in the morning I decided to "fix" it once and for all. (by cleaning the wire connectors). As I was tightening the last wire my wrench touched and shorted the circuit which was enough to instantly fry a couple of relays and send the rest of the electronics into a complete chaos. Long story short, I can start the engine now (with new relays) but everything else is not working (glow plugs seem to be toast, engine instruments are not responsive . . . ) It it going to take me some time to figure it all out. (But at least we can get the engine started!
Anyway, by now, everyone got into their routine. Only Jordan is not very happy that we are still not yet in the Bahamas and keeps asking several times a day how much longer we need to go.

Here are some pictures from today


  1. And so it begins! The repairs when I lived and worked on a sailboat were continuous. Fortunately, the wind is sufficient most of the time!

    1. Yes, repairing boats in exotic places - isn't that one definition of cruising? :) My new alternator is going to be waiting for me in Miami. I just need to get there.