Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anchors Away!

So finally the day has arrived….as most of you know we have been  hoping to travel for a while and while it has taken longer for that day to arrive it did arrive TODAY yay! 

Today, the crew of sailing vessel Galaxy  Mirek,  Phyllis and two deck hands Anthony and Jordan  untied from the docks of Ortega Yacht Club Marina a place we have called home for almost 2 years. Wow! I don’t think there are words to express the emotions, or thoughts that were felt today.  It was wonderful to finally leave but at the same time it was quite sad to leave behind so many people we have come to love and enjoy being around. Where can I start, the people of OYCM(Ortega Yacht Club Marina) are our friends, they have collectively helped to raise two outstanding young men, they have shared their ideas, fixed our boat(for days and days on end) and have been there helping us to send us away(lovingly send us away). We are thankful for all of you…

We are grateful also to our CC (Classical Conversations) family for helping us figure out this homeschooling thing, we are not there yet but we have a great foundation and it will help our kids stay educated and have a foundation to build on…Even though we will be off site I know we will continue sharing wonderful ideas.

We definitely cannot forget our Southpoint Community church family, we will miss you terribly but we thank you for laying a wonderful  foundation for all of us and we look forward to staying connected. 

Last but not least, our families scattered all over the world, we hold you so dear and near to our hearts, we know that you will be praying for us and will be waiting  eagerly for a phone call or a message from us. Thank you for supporting us we love you. 

Most of you have asked  where we are going or how long we will be gone…Well….we do not know how long we will be gone or how far we will be go.

Today we caught an outgoing tide and sailed down the St. John’s river. Then turned south via ICW and are currently safely anchored on Pine Island for the night.

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