Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sunny Southern Florida!

We are currently anchored South of the Lantana bridge in Palm Beach after sailing for about 40NM, the thought had crossed our minds to sail offshore but after yesterday’s misery we decided against it. 

We woke up pretty early today, funny because when we were docked at OYCM(Ortega Yacht Club Marina) no one woke up early. Now, that has changed, since we are not staying late, latest we’ve been up has been till  9PM, yesterday Anthony was sleeping by 8:30PM. The other day I found Anthony up at 5:30am, sitting in the dark wondering what to do LOL…I kidded with him that he should wake up and start working on his math instead of twiddling  his thumbs lol but I just got a blank stare (oh well) he’ll just have to live and learn that the early bird catches the worm or that if he gets an early start with school work he has a much longer day to have lots of fun. 

We did a bit of school today, it was not fun, it was difficult to engage the kids….Jordan’s interest in school was like at -1, if there is such a level of interest. Anthony was so so…I have to review his work and see what he did today.  How to motivate the kids is a challenge for me but I hope I will be able to get ideas otherwise this is not going to be fun for anyone aboard Galaxy; feel free to give ideas:))) 

Today we travelled with a Canadian boat called Dartagnan and are anchored together by the bridge. It is almost dinner time as I type this blog entry and Anthony is making us some hot dogs for dinner as am too lazy to make something elaborate. Maybe the crews luck may change tomorrow and I will make something amazing for dinner:)))….One can only hope LOL! 

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