Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hashers - a.k.a. Drinkers with a Running problem

One of the things I was looking forward to doing in  Grenada was participating in a hash, I had seen pictures of another cruising couple Zero to Cruising and they had participated in one and I just couldn't stop thinking about it, so when we arrived in Grenada the first opportunity I had to sign us up I took and so last Saturday we hashed...

I guess I should explain what a hash is, see there are two kinds  of hash, first is this....Hash (hashish) is the resin collected from the flowers of the cannabis plant and the other is this,...every Saturday a group of people, runners, walkers, crawlers etc assemble at a designated place, where they are briefed by their leader called a Hash Master where they are let loose in the bush shouting ON ON. A trail of shredded papers marks a trail through some of the most beautiful land, rich with all manner of fruits, which by the way are off limits, then after a couple of hours(for the crawlers-which I was one)and a measly 30-40 minutes for the runners they all return back to a rum shop, consume large quantities of beer and food and undo all the good the running, walking and crawling has done them, oi vei!  We partook in the second hash,  just for the record!

So, how was it? Why, I am glad you asked...the first thing they did was ask all the hash virgins to come forward, I was a bit skeptical because I have heard they do naughty things to virgin hashers like making you drink beer from smelly shoes so I was not too quick to move forward but lucky for us they chose a scape goat who got to drink beer from her shoe( lucky for her that shoe looked pretty new) and she also got some on herself when the guy handing her the alcohol felt she was too slow drinking it...Then after some instructions they sent us forth, in the beginning there was some confusion, not knowing which direction to go but someone finally got it and off we went. 

I shall spare you the details and just say, good grief! The hash was grueling, OMG! Up the steep inclines I prayed, and groaned,  muttered unintelligent words, was mad at anyone that showed signs of vitality, and had the nerve to pass me, I wondered where Anthony was, he had the camel bag hence I had no water to drink,my mouth was dry, my legs were like jello, my heart was beating out of my chest, my eyes were fuzzy from the sweat I could go on and on.

 Jordan and Mirek galloped like young gazelles, Anthony no where to be seen, probably at the head of the hashers (why oh why couldn't I be frisky like they were) I kept saying things like  "there is no shame in taking the short route, you weren't born on these mountains...they'll understand" lol  but you know what? Am glad I persevered because I met Yums, a girl from England and something about her powered me to keep at it, I also met this skinny tall man, older man, he was shouting to the runners, "stop and smell the roses," my kind of guy ha ha, he helped propel me forward, I don't have to run, I could stop and smell the roses and still complete the hash. And yes, I finally made it to the rum shop where I was met by two cold carib beers...yes, and of course Mirek and the boys who from their relaxed bodies implied they had arrived eons

Wrapping up, this coming Saturday will be another opportunity to hash, I look forward to reporting that the side effects were a sense of wellbeing, relaxation, rapid flow of ideas,and to crown it all an increased appreciation of music and food,happiness and joy...Till then so long...

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