Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Aaahhh, Grenada. 

They call it “The Spice Island” as Grenada grows and exports many spices. Nutmeg and Mace are the main spice crops that make Grenada so exotic. I don't think I have seen more luscious country than Grenada. Everywhere you look there is a fruit tree or a spice tree growing. 
The volcanic soil is perfect to grow everything

Cocoa been
You suck on the beans and they taste very good.

Cashew fruit (The nut grows on the outside of the fruit)

In few days of visiting Grenada, we instantly fell in love with the island and the people. The Grenadians are very relaxed, not stressed, skinny, women are beautiful and dress really well, they have their own culture and their own entertainment which is not driven or influenced by the cruisers or outsiders like we see on many islands. 
A Grenadian army marches through St. Georges town- Very hilarious - The drummers are really drumming some type of Caribbean rhythm instead of just dry march rhythm, so it feels more like a mardi gras instead of a march. Some homeless guy jumped in front of the procession becoming "their leader" and they didn't seem to be bothered at all by it. Only about a half of the troops had weapons, not sure if the rest didn't qualify to have one or they just don't have enough weapons on the island. A car behind them was driving so close to them, almost on their heals and completely ignoring the repeated knocking of the police officer . . . Can you imagine this type of procession in our country?

So we are spending a few weeks in Grenada and just soaking it all in. They speak English here, but they use a very heavy Caribbean slang here (changing and mispronouncing the words) so it’s really difficult to understand them. Funny thing is that they always think that Phyllis is local and they approach her that way - the irony is that Phyllis cannot understand a word of what they are saying. There was even an instance where a couple of local young girls asked her for directions thinking she is a local - you should see their eyes widen when Phyllis started speaking with her American english. 
But for the most part they switch to normal English without a problem. 
A local Grenadian Beer

The Music! Grenadians love Music. I think Soca is their favorite but they like many styles. You can hear it being played everywhere. In the busses, on the streets. They also have some very talented musicians here on the island. We visited a two day jazz / gospel festival and were very impressed with the quality of music they delivered.

The island appears very happy, and people are relaxed. You can feel it in the air. You can mingle among them, go running through the mountains with them (more on that later), and you never feel uneasy. 

US invaded/intervened in 1985 when their president was assassinated for a brief period - many Grenadians have mixed emotions about this incident despite this nice graffiti.

Visiting Chocolate Factory

We cannot say enough praises about Grenada. We have even started talking to Anthony to try and apply to the US Medical University here (USA built and maintains a very prestigious medical University - world renowned - which is populated by many american students who study here) 

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