Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Whale Encounter

We are still in the British Virgin Islands, enjoying ourselves very much. The wind has died down, and it’s a real treat to be sailing between these islands. 
A nice sailboat sailing past

Since the wind was so nice (around 15 knots) we decided to sail up to Anegada, which is the northern most island of the BVI and spend a few days there. 
Arriving at Anegada - the island is very flat - very different from the rest of BVI

Flamingo Lake - we didn't see any flamingos though

From Anegada, we sailed back to the West Dog island to do a dive there. On the way we spotted a family of Humpback Whales. 2 adults and a small baby just swimming through BVI on their way somewhere into the Atlantic ocean. Let me tell you, the words or pictures do not describe how it feels to be sailing next to these large magnificent creatures. We sailed next to them for about 1.5 miles before we turned back to our course. 
The whales submerged just next to our boat

They did not breach or do any tricks, just minded their own business, but was awesome to see these large creatures in the wild.

We have traveled to just about all of the BVI islands by now, and soon it will be time to move on. We just need to wait for another week for some packages that we ordered through Amazon. We will have to pick them up in the US Virgin Islands (that way we don't pay import taxes). Finally some of my diving gear that we broke will be replaced along with another GoPro camera.

The water here in BVI is so clear and most of the dives are rather shallow (not more than 75 feet but usually 40 ft) which makes it perfect for beginner divers. 
French Grunt
Jackknife Fish
We are currently in Virgin Gorda anchored in Long bay, which must be one of our favorite anchorages here. The water is very clear, not deep and the bay has coral as well as white sand on the bottom, so it's perfect to swim in both places. Tomorrow we will do a dive off of the rock ledges at the edge of this bay. Should be fun.
Long Bay - Virgin Gorda - beautiful anchorage
North Bay - Virgin Gorda
Sunset as seeing from Long Bay


  1. I'm in owe after seeing all those beautiful

  2. I'm in owe after seeing all those beautiful