Friday, March 6, 2015

In the BVI Groove

We have been in the Virgin Islands about three weeks now, and currently we are cruising the British side (BVI). I must say that we found our groove and surprisingly (to my previous post) we are able to find remote anchorages that are both free, amazingly beautiful and not too crowded. We only paid for a mooring one time the entire time we’ve been here so far (the first night we arrived in USVI). How do we do it? Well turns out that with some creative thinking there is a way to beat the system. 
The key is to find spots that are not on the “beaten path”. 
In the US Virgin Islands the moorings are free until 5:30 pm so what we would do is sail to a destination in the morning, be on a mooring, and in the afternoon have a nice sail back to a free anchorage. We found a couple spots that were beautiful, free and not crowded. Great St. James Island was our favorite anchorage in USVI. Since the distances are so short it’s much cheaper to sail or even motor for 1 hour than to pay mooring fees. 
Here in the British Virgin Islands our current favorite spot is Brewers Bay in Tortola.
We are surrounded by beautiful mountains from all sides and the bay is just about deserted. Perfect.

 (This particular anchorage is off limits to chartering boats as this bay requires a little bit more attention to navigate, but if you try a little bit harder, you get rewarded with a beautiful secluded anchorage outside of the hustle and bustle where you can enjoy the Islands properly.
 Walking the hills of Tortola
Brewers Bay with Jost Van Dyke in the distance
A nice 3 masted ship

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